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Having someone blow his load on your face is a tricky thing because you can never tell where is all that hot sperm gonna finish. Bob has had many weird situations with cum becoming his new hair gel, or getting in his nose and even his eyes. But that still doesn’t keep him from coming back for more, letting strangers he meets in the bar do whatever they want with their jizz.

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Another busy day for our star Castro Supreme, with yet another white ass desiring the heaviest action there is. Castro surprises the white boy in the backyard, sneaking up on him with his cock out. Once he’s laid eyes on the hugest dick he’s ever seen in his life, the boy was terrified. It wasn’t what he expected, it was way too much.

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Tim was feeling kinda bored today so he decided to engage in a little experiment. He made a bet with his friend Steve that he can find a straight guy to suck him off for 50$ in two hours. The bet was on and Tim went out bar hopping looking for his victim. Didn’t take him long to find one, as he convinced Ray to do it.

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It started out as yet another typical Friday night as Taylor and Corey went to Arnold’s to trade obscure bands and latest gossip. Things got a bit heated up when Corey struck an argument about Taylor’s favorite band selling out. Taylor got so pissed, and Arnold was on his side, and they decided to teach Corey a lesson by stripping his clothes and making him their little bitch.

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Gay facials crazy boy gets what he asked for

Leo is a young guy who has rather an unusual hobby. Every Saturday he walks into the same gay bar and picks up the first cute guy he sees, lets him fuck him and blow his load all over his face, and then never calls back and pretends not to know them if they meet again. He is just a dirty collectioner of dicks, a guy who hunts for someone to play with.

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The boys are gathered again for another house party that is about to get out of control. They were planning just to warm up, have a couple of drinks and then hit the bars in search of some hot ass, but the atmosphere is so hot that they decide they have all the hot ass they need right there.

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One of the hottest gay sex videos we got, starring Matt and Russ, a couple of teens who aren’t afraid to show their love in front of the cameras. Russ is a dick addict who just has to have his daily dose in his mouth or he goes crazy, so there’s Matt to get him what he needs.

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It’s hard to watch a grown man cry, but that’s a part of Castro Supreme’s everyday job. After he is done with hammering a tight asshole, he has a box of paper tissues to wipe the cum off and to hand it over to the guy to wipe his tears. It’s no wonder that even the bravest shed a tear, because having something as thick and big up your ass has to bring incredible pain.

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A straight guy admits his love for gay facials

Ron has notices that his sister’s boyfriend acts rather strangely every time he gets near him. His sister has made him hang out with Barry, so they get to know each other better. Tonight, as Barry was over at Ron’s watching a game, they were drinking beer and talking as usual when Barry turned to Ron and blurted out how he feels this powerful attraction to him.

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Ross has been asked many times about the secret to his flawless porcelain white skin, and he would only smile cheekily. His recipe is pretty strange, but it seems to work. Ross loves to suck a guy off until he is about to burst, and then he makes him cum all over his face. The sticky white goo seems to do wonders for his skin so he won’t miss his weekly treatment.

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